Our safety culture is engrained in our employees from day one. Our safety program exceeds industry standards, based upon our MSHA Part 48-B training plan.

We have worked over 5 years without a reportable accident or lost time accident. Additionally, we have an excellent record with MSHA. We achieve our safety goals through the following:

  • MSHA Part 48-B Training Plan
  • Two-day new hire orientation
  • "Competent Operator" assessments for each machine family
  • Site specific training
  • Daily worksite meetings on agenda, safety and best practices
  • First Aid / CPR Certification

Safety Standards

Environmental Responsibility

We take safety and environmental stewardship seriously; using EH&S officers to carry the torch of awareness. We encourage reporting any violations of our EH&S policy. All of our activities are executed according to local laws and regulations. We carry additional Pollution Insurance Coverage to limit the liability to our clients. Our team has the following qualifications:

  • GSWCC Level 1A Inpectors in Georgia
  • CEPSCI Inspectors in South Carolina
  • Hazmat Endorsements
  • Hazmat Training
  • MSDS Information Onsite
  • Spill Kits Onsite
  • HAZCOM Plan

From bid day to project closeout, Contour's team is dedicated to delivering your project on time and to spec. Our supervisors constantly measure our efficiencies and strive to improve them, in order to exceed our clients’ expectations. Whether the project is grading foundation or a 1 million yard reclamation project, Contour is working diligently to deliver ‘Solutions through Increased Metrics.’ All of our employees are charged with upholding our standards for safety, quality and project schedules. Our dedication to our clients is our motivation and we are dedicated to their success.

Quality Completion


We understand the ramifications of underinsured contractors. That is why we carry liability coverage in excess of the industry requirements. Incidents happen, so feel assured that utilizing Contour will not place your organization in legal jeopardy. Contour retains several avenues for surety bonds to meet any project requirements. We carry the following insurance policies for the protection of all parties:

  • General Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Professional Liability
  • Marine Coverage
  • Vehicle Coverage
  • Surety Bond Coverage


  • SC Certified WBE – #0320137
  • GDOT Certified Contractor – Registration Number 11650
  • GSWCC Level 1A
  • MSHA Part 48-B Miners
  • First Aid / CPR


  • South Carolina General Contractor (Unlimited)
  • North Carolina General Contractor (Unlimited)
  • Georgia Commercial Contractor

Certifications & Licenses


We support the following associations:

  • SC Mining Association
  • Georgia Construction Aggregate Association