U.S Silica – Tailings Impoundment Expansion

In early 2013 Contour Mining was awarded a large scale tailings impoundment expansion project at U.S. Silica’s West Columbia mine. GPS guided equipment was utilized to build the impoundments, minimizing rework and delivering a project built to the exact engineered specifications.The project scope included:


Logging / Clearing and Grubbing / Grinding (37 acres total)

  • Erosion Control (2,500′ of silt fence, 25 acres of grassing and stabilization, 25,600 square yards of matting)
  • +42,700 cubic yards of earth moved to construct over 1,800 feet of new impoundments
  • Unsuitable material excavation
  • 1,900′ of HDPE toe drain pipe installation
  • 22 acres of permanent grassing