Active Minerals International – Sims Mine Reclamation

Pit 1DSC_0579 DSC_0582 DSC_0588
In early 2014 Contour Mining was awarded a large scale reclamation project at Active Minerals International’s Sims mine in Gordon, GA. The mine had been idled for several years, after nearly 20 years of mineral extraction from the property. The site contained many challenging obstacles including, unknown underfoot conditions, 103′ highwall, and over 45 million gallons of water in the four pits. Contour utilized gps technology to topo map the sites existing conditions and utilized GIS information as well to develop a 3D reclamation model. The reclamation was executed utilizing large dozers, haul trucks and GPS guided equipment to fully reclaim the site. This was a design / build project. The project scope included:


Reclamation (80 acres total)

  • Erosion Control (silt fence, 3,000′ of slope drains, let down channels and staged settling basins)
  • +75,000 cubic yards of earth moved to flatten the slopes and contour the existing pits to meet EPD regulations
  • Over 16 acres of fish habits were created in all four of the pits to promote natural reproduction
  • Over 70 acres of permanent stabilization and grassing


DSC_0494 Geese Fish Habitat Outlet Protection Pit 2 Slot Dozing  DSC_0531 Pre Reclamation Pre Reclamation Pre Reclamation